What the toilet paper shortage can teach us about 5 leadership styles

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Surprising insights about leadership styles emerged as basic supplies ran out during the coronavirus crisis. The coronavirus pandemic transformed daily life on an unprecedented scale. From millions now transitioning to remote work to changing the way we go to the bank and shop at the grocery store—we’ve all had to face some very unique and unanticipated challenges. Read Full Story

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What FDR, Churchill, and Shackleton can teach us about leadership during the coronavirus crisis

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A Harvard Business School historian who focuses on courageous leadership outlines some critical lessons from the past As a historian at the Harvard Business School, I study courageous leaders, especially men and women working in crisis situations. When I began this work, almost 20 years ago, I never imagined living through turbulence of this magnitude. I could not foresee that we would all be swept up in such a high-stakes moment, characterized by great uncertainty and collective fear. Read Full Story


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