Daily Harvest’s CEO reveals new packaging, talks bootstrapping

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Founder and CEO Rachel Driori talks candidly about the cost of adding compostable containers, and why she’s moving ahead despite the hit to her company’s margins. Rachel Drori founded Daily Harvest in 2015 with a mission of providing organic, fruit and veggie-packed foods for people on the go. The company today is announcing new packaging that aligns with its “clean” ethos: Starting in April, its containers will be home and commercially compostable. It will first roll out the new packaging in its harvest bowls, soups, oat bowls, and chia bowls. (The company is also resizing some of its products; harvest bowls will grow to 150% of current size, while the chia and oat bowls will be reduced to about 75% of current size.) Though privately held, Daily Harvest is often noted for its celebrity investors—Serena Williams, Bobby Flay, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all backers—Driori bootstrapped the business in its early …


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