How to Handle Temporarily Out-of-Stock Product Pages

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Posted by Dr-Pete The next few months are going to be uncharted territory for all of us, with serious challenges for both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Many e-commerce sites are already facing a unique situation right now, and it looks something like this: These are hand sanitizer results from, and this screenshot is just a portion of the first page. I'm not picking on Staples — this page is representative of a problem across every major e-retailer right now. While there are many ways to handle out-of-stock and discontinued items under normal conditions, this situation is very specific: Multiple similar items are out-of-stock at the same time Retailers may not know when they'll be back in stock These products may not stay back in stock for long Demand is high and continuing to rank is critical From an SEO standpoint, it's essential that these pages continue to rank, both …


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