The IRS tax deadline just got pushed to July if you fit in this bracket (and you probably do)

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For now only some states, such as California and Maryland, announced changes to aid taxpayers. Millions of Americans no longer have to worry about getting their 2019 federal income taxes together by April 15, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced today. While the Trump administration has offered little direct support for workers hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the Feds are pushing Tax Day back by 90 days for qualifying Americans. Read Full Story

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Trump tax returns: Top 5 jaw-droppers from the NYT exposé

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Trump not only paid less than most rich people in prior tax years but less than most lower and middle-class Americans. Last night The New York Times published a bombshell of a report : information on almost two decades of Donald Trump’s tax returns. The returns have been the holy grail of many a journalist and political opponent ever since Trump announced his run for the presidency in 2015. Read Full Story


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