Managers, think twice before you send that 2 a.m. email

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Here are three helpful ways to keep your team productive and relaxed by emailing with consideration and timeliness. First off, follow inbox decorum rules yourself. As millions of people navigate workdays that blend video meetings, homeschooling, pet sitting, and cooking, setting up boundaries is critical. Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic requires flexibility. Moreover, after working from home with my company, I realized many factors are out of our hands. Read Full Story

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In the new age of remote work, people under 30 might finally kill email

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A new survey from Creative Strategies found that younger workers are more likely to use a unique mix of apps for collaboration. Working from home is not for everyone. Yet anyone who still has a job and is able has been thrust into it. From the early days of the work-from-home mandate I have been watching how this distributed teamwork is impacting both organizations and employees. Read Full Story


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