Why Nextdoor should be part of your SMBs social media strategy

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30-second summary: Nextdoor is a social media network for neighborhoods that reaches over 248,000 neighborhoods in 11 countries. In the second installment of our two-part series about Nextdoor, we focus on how the platform fits into your overall SMB social media strategy. One of the ways SMBs have adapted to the uncertainty of 2020 is by expanding the way customers can reach them. In 2020, over a third of businesses are prioritizing developing customer relationships over time, versus one-time transactions. Businesses can get started building a presence on Nextdoor by creating a Nextdoor Business Page which is free. There are two paid advertising opportunities, Local Listings and Neighborhood Sponsorships, both of which are extremely affordable and enable businesses to benefit from the social nature of the platform. Even before this disastrous year, small business marketing budgets were tight. A 2018 survey by Clutch found that 47% of SMBs spend less …


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