10 eBay SEO Tips to Drive Sales

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There are two billion transactions made on eBay every day, and most consumers spend only around eight minutes on the site to make those purchases. That’s a vast untapped market if you’re not on the site yet. But, if your focus is on SEO for traditional search engines, you may be hesitant to try this site. However, you’re in luck, as eBay is more-or-less a hyper-focused search engine. That said, eBay SEO isn’t identical to Google SEO. That’s why, to drive sales on eBay, you must master eBay SEO. How Does eBay’s Search Engine Work? Cassini isn’t quite like Google because eBay users are often coming to buy rather than browse. As a result, Cassini and eBay try to make the process of finding items, learning about them, and deciding to bid or buy as efficient as possible. While keyword relevance plays a huge role, Cassini also focuses on other …


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