7 ways to build your business and brand partnership muscle

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The reasons for striking a partnership with another brand are wide and diverse. From extending audience reach and brand attributes to product and services expansion, cultural and social alignment, improving commercial dividends and solving a customer pain point, the list feels seemingly endless and full of opportunity. But just what kind of external partnership are worth pursuing? And how do you shore up the best chances of success when you do partner with an external player?

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How a startup’s first big customer can make or break success

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Founders need a compelling product story to win a marquee customer—and then turn that initial partnership into marketing gold. As a startup founder, landing your first big customer can feel like a chicken-and-the-egg scenario: big brands want to see case studies to prove the value of your product before they sign a contract, but you need brand name customers to feature as case studies. Once you ink your first deal and make that organization successful, however, that prospect can serve as validation for future customers of what your product can do. Read Full Story


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