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Cemoh v1 Released with Big UI/UX Improvements

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Shared by Matthew • September 05, 2022

Hi there,

I'm excited to announce that we've just released a massive update to the Cemoh Application. 🙌

The objective of this release was to significantly improve the UI/UX, and it marks a formal transition from the 'beta' phase to v1 .

The key UI and UX improvements in this release include:

  • Completely redesigned 'feed centric' dashboard for Cemohs and Clients
  • Improved date filtering throughout the app (e.g. filter Client pages by date)
  • Updated colours, fonts and standard three column layout for improved readability and navigations
  • On page updates rather than full page reloads when updating key data throughout the application
  • New profile pages for Cemohs to manage their projects and keep them up to date.

While the changes in this release may appear to be largely cosmetic, we've laid the foundations for some exciting new functionality planned for the next few months.